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  Why use self-laminating labels?
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  Laminate your own labels

Self-laminating labels have numerous benefits and applications. Who needs them? If you’re one of those organized types...

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  Types of self-laminating labels

Self-laminating tags are useful in a number of different contexts, but it can be difficult to determine...

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  Blank self-laminating tags

Due to their versatility, blank self-laminating tags lend themselves to almost any use. While some tags are designed specifically to convey certain information...

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A sticky label is just adhesive and a writing surface. If you’re labeling your things, of course you can just replicas hublot make your own tags and tape them down ?but that makes for flimsy labels that are bound to fall off in a matter of weeks, if not days. For sturdy, long-lasting labels look for the self-laminating variety.


These ultra-durable labels come with a special polyester flap that’s adhesive on the face-down side, so you just write your message on your label, peel the backing off the translucent front and affix it flat onto your handwritten label. Then, peel the backing off the back of the label, and press it replicas relojes breitling onto your surface. If it’s left to cure, in a matter of days, your self-laminating label will be stuck for good ?and virtually impervious to weather, water and temperature. In these pages you’ll learn about many of the uses for self-laminating labels and tags.