Why use self-laminating labels?

Self Laminating Wire Labels
Self-laminating labels are often used to mark calibration dates on sensitive machinery.

If you’ve never used self-laminating labels before, you might be wondering what uses you may have for them. Regardless of your occupation or interests, there are plenty of ways that you can use self-laminating labels.

Self-laminating labels are convenient. To use a self-laminating label, all you need to do is seal your label under the clear polyester lamination that comes with it. From here, you can affix your label to virtually any surface. This means that you don’t need expensive laminating machines to get a durable, laminated label. Most labels also come with one to four eyelets, which allows for easy hanging.

Self-lamination provides excellent protection for your labels against the elements. No matter what you’ve got outside, from barrels to tractors, self-laminated labels can be a useful tool for your outdoor needs. And since laminated labels are waterproof and resistant to dirt, cleaning them off is quick and painless. This also means that underground equipment can be labeled with durable vinyl tags, which is especially useful for wet environments and confusing cables.

Blank labels are quite versatile. They allow you to write custom instructions or text, and then keep that message safe and untainted after lamination. Additionally, the labels are made of smudge-free material, which makes it easy to write on them with pen or pencil. You can even print labels in your word processing software. All you need to do to use a blank label is write your message, remove the back lining, then press down on the laminating layer to finish creating the label.

Blank labels come in an array of colors, so they can also be used for color coding. If you need to, say, keep track of the wires behind your computer or television or feel like color coding your clothing, self-laminating labels may be quite useful for your purposes. These labels even have more industrial uses, like keeping track of instrument calibration dates, as required by OSHA.

Self-laminating labels are one of the most useful products you’ve probably never used. Whether at home, in the office or outdoors, self-laminating labels can be used to organize, give instructions, warnings or simply label objects and places. Their lamination makes them highly durable and resistant to the elements, and their variety means you’ll find many uses for them.