Creative uses for blank self-laminating tags

Blank Self Laminating Tags
Self-laminating labels aren't just for boring documents and luggage. Get creative with your labels!
Due to their versatility, blank self-laminating tags lend themselves to almost any use. While some tags are designed specifically to convey certain information and therefore have certain markings and pre-set templates (i.e. luggage tags, garment tags, layaway tags), blank tags are just that — blank so all the information on it is completely up to you. That doesn’t mean that blank tags are boring.Just the opposite — they’re entirely open to your creativity and needs.

Self-laminating tags are ideal for a wide variety of practical things, from luggage to important documents. Yet most people don’t think of blank tags as having some really creative uses. For example, parents can attach a colored tag to their young child when he or she is playing in the park — that way, parents can easily identify their kid in a sea of playing children. This is especially handy if your child is the adventurous sort and loves to explore.

If that’s not creative enough, blank tags can also be dipped in a weak tea solution to give it that light brown tint for that vintage look. This is great for history projects (i.e. ancient Egyptian scrolls) or if you just to give anything an old-fashioned style.

Additionally, blank tags can be used to organize your kitchen. Remember that spice rack you’ve always wanted to reorganize? No problem. First, put the name of the spice on labels, then pass a satin cord through the eyelet holes of the labels, and viola — tie them around the neck of your spice bottles. You can do the same for the rest of your pantry or even your wine bottle collection.

Another creative use for blank tags is to make unusual birthday streamers. For your child’s birthday party, stick cute graphics on both sides of the tag. Graphics can take the form of your child’s picture, flowers, stars or favorite comic characters. Create one large streamer by tying little strings to each tag and then suspending it across the room with one large cord.

If you’re looking for versatility that’s office-ready, look for durable vinyl self-laminating tags. The tag can be marked with pen, pencil or marker, and the clear laminating plastic layer makes the message tamper-resistant. Leave break room reminders like “wash your own dishes,” “don’t leave food in the fridge for more than two weeks,” or other notes about the specific protocols in your office.

The durability of self-laminating labels is perfect for outdoor use. Run a landscaping company?

You can hang a self-laminated label with notes or instructions from the handle of a lawnmower — so the high school student you employed for the summer will know exactly how you want him to treat the machinery. The laminate means nothing will happen to the label even if the mower gets caught out in the rain.